1st band at the 1st EVER Greenwood Music Crawl


We’re going to be the 1st band playing at the first EVER Greenwood Music Crawl. This is an exciting, grassroots project, organised by Grit Girls, Donna and Pam. The line-up has just been announced and we will be the first band kicking off the whole shebang at the Shanghai room in the North Star Diner on Sunday September 3rd.

We’ll be cracking another record for us as this will be our earliest ever show – 12 noon. With Bumbershoot costing some huge amount of money for tickets, this festival is sounding like a bargain at $20 for 3 venues and 20+ bands. And we’re personally very excited to meet up with the band, Whiskey Fever again – another band that played as an opener for The Dandy Warhols at the recent Showbox show.

We want to work hard to make this a great event, so will be bringing some goodies along to giveaway and keep working on getting some air time on KEXP to get the word out. So tell your friends and let’s make this event a success – the website for the whole event is here.


In other news, the artwork is coming along for the new album – we will probably be posting a couple of ideas on our Facebook page for folks to vote on which one they prefer. It should be coming out in the Fall as an LP, probably called Time Twisted – until we change our minds again…….