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A landscape of driving beats, blistering guitars, sonic textures, and droning, melodic vocals, arcing through entanglement, battle scars, and the fury wrought from silicon, AI, clown politics and the digital orchestra of the three-piece suit.

“Kick ass rockin” – Johnny Sangster (musician, producer, owner of crackle and pop recording studio).

Echo Texture are a Seattle-based group, formed in July 2014. Jalal met Stuart in the dark underground as part of their day jobs, and met the original drummer, Julian, at a party.  They came together as Echo Texture and began performing a mix of older songs from Jalal’s previous life, as well as newer compositions. Currently with their fourth drummer, Brandon, they are regularly playing all around the Seattle area.

Their first EP (Falling Ceiling) was released on July 19th 2015.
The first full-length album, Inter-Sting, was released on December 21st 2016.
The band is excited to release their second full-length album, Timetwisted, on Sept.3, 2017.


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