Here’s what Northwest Music Scene said about Roll The Dice and the album, TimeTwisted:

“Roll The Dice” conjures up thoughts of the Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead and Live and like we said last year, this band definitely has a firm grasp on this genre. While the entire band is tight on this tune, the soaring vocals by Jalal Andre are what sells it. Give it a listen, we think you’ll dig it.”

“One band whose creativity really shines within the music industry right now is Seattle’s own Echo Texture. Echo Texture is back with a sophomore album which is just as good, if not better, than the first.

The tone of Time Twisted is firmly laid down in the first track, called “Lucky.” With driving guitars and a moody atmosphere, it’s already clear to see that Echo Texture succeeds in delivering perfected melodies, messages and instrumentals.

Time Twisted’s dreamy alternative rock sound is intriguing and well produced from the first song to the last. The depth and charisma that the album possesses is a superb example of Seattle excellency when it comes to rock music.

– Northwest Music Scene


After the release of Inter-Sting, there has been a flurry of write-ups and mentions:

“Beautiful” – Soundsphere Mag

“With lyrics like, “I know the reasons you will leave / But I wanted more / I know the secrets that you keep,” listeners can feel the passion that the band puts into their music. It’s one thing to perform, but another to be passionate about what your’re doing. Whenever we discover an artist/band who has that infatuation, they’re automatically a star in our eyes.” – Celebmix Discover/Melanie Gomez

“Echo Texture has released the LP Inter-Sting and it’s a beautiful, darkly inspiring alternative work.” “It took some time, but the the trio decided to take on a contemporary sound with deeply rooted connections to American genres of music.” – West Coast Rocker/Dottie Paris

“There is a definite force and dynamism present throughout this new album. Inter-Sting is the acoustic chronicle of a self-doubting generation disaffected by unfeeling technology and political disillusionment. This album seems to glide with smooth yet deliberate sonic style, however, the lyrics paint a picture of a muddled future and portrays a sense of uneasiness of what is to come tomorrow.” – Sensible Reason/Jabari Kefele

“The effervescent trio… is interesting blend of dreamy indie alternative rock.” – Spill magazine

We received a very flattering write-up from the folks at Northwest Music Scene. You can read the whole thing over here.

Getting a write-up like that makes us excited to see the response when Inter-Sting is released.
Our single, Rayon, has been picked up by the discerning experts at That New Jam. It’s part of their playlist, The Jam Jar – week 25:

The Stranger (Seattle’s only newspaper) has said the following about us:
“epic rockers”, “smart rock” and “upcoming rockers” – do you notice a common thread?

Here’s a little video of us: